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FCC is our flagship product. FCC is an innovative and scientifically proven blend of surfactants (detergents), oxygenates and corrosion inhibitors developed to meet the challenge of today’s engines. It’s a non-hydrocarbon fuel conditioner that cleans fuel and improves performance whilst lowering emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. Best yet - it’s suitable for all fuel types.

With FCC, improvements in fuel efficiency and savings in maintenance costs are achieved through cleanliness and a better burn; as opposed to tampering with the combustion characteristics of the fuel.

By burning clean you burn green.

What is FCC?

FCC is an environmentally friendly non-hazardous fuel conditioner that’s made from a non-hydrocarbon, non-toxic, non-flammable formula. It contains lubricity enhancers which are beneficial to all fuels but particularly low sulphur diesel and ethanol blended fuels.

How Does It Work?

FCC dissolves sticky contaminants (waxes, gums & varnishes) from injectors and carburettors and helps remove carbon deposits, which in turn substantially lowers harmful carbon emissions. It also disperses any water present in fuel into tiny particles, enabling the treated fuel to pass through the combustion process in a pure combustible state.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Significantly reduce harmful carbon emissions
  • Substantial reduction in soot emissions
  • Safer working conditions for employees


You burn clean, you burn green. A Greener footprint for your company and Australia.


  • Measurable and consistent financial savings
  • Less downtime = improved efficiency and reduction in expenditure
  • Ease of implementation



Reduce one of your companies biggest expenses.


  • Fuel filters changes can be extended
  • Extended injector life
  • Corrosion inhibitors for internal fuel delivery protection
  • Oil changes can be extended


Repair, maintain and protect your engines from the inside out.




Our Story

We’re an innovative company determined to make a difference in the world.

Offering a product that not only benefits businesses, but the environment as well.

AddFuel enhances the utilisation of the world’s finite resources through innovation, technology and design. Our scientifically superior products, all designed and manufactured in Western Australia, are not only environmentally friendly but also more friendly to yourself and your employees. Our focus is on helping the environment, so we’re proud to say that all our products are non-toxic and non-hazardous.




United Fuel Injection a name synonymous within the fuel injection and turbocharger industries for 40 years prides itself on outstanding customer service, professionalism and highly trained and experienced staff. United only use and recommend the very best products on the market and over the years we have seen many products claiming to the best fuel conditioner available. Fuel conditioners are necessary in addressing issues with modern fuels, especially diesel and FCC is the only fuel conditioner we use.




With reference to our telephone discussion today, I would just like to let you know that we  have been regularly using FCC Fuel conditioner in the trawlers of our fishing fleet in South  Australia since 2005.From the beginning we noticed an almost immediate improvement in  the smoothness of the engine at idle and while underway. The fuel filters were lasting longer  and there was no longer any water buildup in the fuel tanks...




Over the last few years we have been using FCC Fuel Conditioner in the majority of our machinery/vehicles mainly due to the maintenance issues we were experiencing, particularity with regard to the fuel injectors and fuel lines on a regular basis due to ongoing issues. Since the introduction of FCC into our fuel supply we have no had one injector change in the last 12 month and all vehicles are running smoothly...