You reduce water absorption and pooling, preventing Phase Separation which combats several issues:

  • Prevent any microorganisms from contaminating your fuel.
  • Reduce your wear, tear and rust formation. Lowering your maintenance costs.
  • Maintain optimum octane and oxygen levels, which improves combustion, maximising your fuels efficiency.
  • Increase your power, which reduces your motor’s fuel consumption giving you more km’s to the litre.
  • Significant reduction in costs to your business.

FCC eliminates one of the prime causes of fuel problems – liquid water in the fuel.

The detergents in FCC solubilise the free water and allow it to form a homogeneous mixture with the hydrocarbon fuel.
The oxygenates present in FCC assist this process by acting as coupling agents to promote the dissolution of water in fuel
Water dispersed into the fuel in this way is vaporised during normal combustion of the fuel and passes harmlessly from the engine along with the other products of combustion.

In neglected fuel systems, particularly those in which biological contamination has been allowed to build up, an initial high dose of FCC may be required to eliminate the accumulated water. The detergent properties of FCC can also assist in the dispersion of biological contamination by breaking up the accumulated material.