We are confident that you will achieve measurable fuel reductions of at least 3% (Avg 5-9%) starting from month one, giving you an immediate return on your investment!

Measuring reductions in costs related to downtime, maintenance, and extended parts life, is something that will only become apparent over a longer time period.




Electric Power Corporation

Reliable & Affordable electricity for Samoa is the Electric Power Corporation’s (EPC) VISION for the next 3 years. It is our responsibility as employees to search and apply any possible methods or ideas to try and achieve this goal. Any possibility to get revenue back from these methods to counteract the uncontrolled price rise of diesel fuel is welcome for trial. We have previously conducted a trial for a conditioner from another company; however, it did not proved to be cost benefit, so the trial lasted for only some weeks. New fuel conditioner FCC, was introduced to EPC by Rob Wetzel on December 2007 and trials were started at that time and its currently continuing. This trial contains 3 phases which are carried out to monitor the outcome.

• 1 st Phase – treat 1 engine for 1 month (Dec-2007),

• 2 nd Phase – Treat the whole fuel stock for all engines for 3 months (Jan 08 - March 08),

• 3 rd Phase – treat the whole fuel stock for 6 months (Jan 08 - Jun 08),

 From the overall observation and results of all 3 trials, we have concluded that FCC has in fact brought a very good result in terms of: - improving our engines efficiencies by 3% - Reducing cylinder internal combustion by 100C - Reducing fuel pump leaks by 60% - Reducing cost of our maintenance on fuel – related problems - Reducing downtime of our machines While we reduced problems and improved the efficiency of our equipment, at the same time we saved money regardless of the fuel price rise. But this benefit will only continue to be profitable if the price of FCC will NOT rise together with the continuous rise of diesel fuel. In Summary, EPC is excited by the environmental and commercial benefit FCC provides. From the results archived to date, EPC has no hesitation in suggesting potential FCC vendors to run controlled trials to determine for themselves the benefit proved by FCC.


Siloma Tago



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Jubilee Sailing Trust

Thanks to liquid Engineering the expense associated with our ships fuel filtration system is minimised by using their non-biocide Fuel Set FCC. Inspections and sampling results consistently show that the contents of our thanks and fuel systems could not support bacterial/fungal growth, in turn maximising the life of  our filters and maintaining safe engine performance.

I would be less confident taking fuel from new suppliers if it wasn't for the excellent track record that liquid Engineering has helped us maintain by using their cost effective non-biocide Fuel Set FCC over the past 8 years.

Your sincerely

Tony Heard

Chief Engineer 

SV Tenacious



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